Fun Morning!

We had a fun morning – including a little mini road-trip during which I took the photos you see in my flickr side bar.  You can read all about it here.


The page is chock full of stuff, so may take a little eensy weensy bit of time to load, give it a chance okay?



Still around

still around, just blogging here

Come on Over!

I’m blogging here today. Come and take a look, and I could use some feedback.


1.  What do you think of template/layout/widgets etc

2.  What do you think of domain name?

3.  Are you familiar with what the domain name is from?

4.  Any other useful tips/advice?


Thanks guys!

Groundhog Day. Again.

A few people have asked me, that given my SIL’s history with emigrating (Went back to the UK on Dec 3rd, 2004, arrived back in SA January 4th, 2005 (yes just a few weeks!) – that what the hell is different now?


Well, this is the thing. N-O-T-H-I-N-G.


Oh wait, this time around her hubby has a job (he’s being transferred at his request), and this time around they have 2 kids to consider instead of just one.


We all knew it was just a matter of time before they went back for good, we just didn’t know when they’d actually get around to actually going.  The thing is that SIL’s hubby is very close to his family who are all over there, and he constantly talks about missing them.  The problem is that last time, SIL *really* didn’t get on with them well at all – and one big argument with one of her SIL’s is what instigated her running back home (to SA) to her mummy and daddy – who paid for her and her son’s airtickets, they were so happy (and a little desperate) to have their only grandchild (back then he was the only one) near them again. SIL always said, that she’d happily go back to the UK again, as long as they a) didn’t have to live anywhere near his family (But still be within reach for them to visit either way), and b) had enough saved up so that they didn’t even have to stay with any of his family to get started off with.  So we all waited to see what would happen – and how they would eventually achieve this.  


A few months ago they talked about going to Dubai (in the MIddle East), it’s a popular destination for a lot of young execs because the pay is exceptionally good, it’s a modern and safe country, and within easy reach of the whole of Europe. This would have satisfied SIL’s criteria at any rate, but at the last minute with all the tension in the rest of the middle east, they decided against it (much to MIL and FIL’s relief).  Then SIL’s hubby decided about 3 months ago they *really* needed to go back to the UK because his dad was having triple bypass surgery – and EVERYONE said to him, “Don’t pack up your whole family just because your dad is sick, just go and visit him if you’re desperate to see him.” Thankfully sense prevailed and they stayed put.  It’s not that everyone wants them to stay in SA – on the contrary – everyone pretty much wants to get out, but we’re all just trying to make sure they do it the right way, that they don’t have to come back again because they were ill prepared.


So this time, when my SIL emails my hubby and tells him they’re emigrating, hubby and I chatted about it that night, and said, “Oh well I’m sure they’ve sorted something out, they must be going to City X this time, his family are in City Y so that’s a least better for all of them – close enough to visit but not to be imposing.”


So yesterday afternoon SIL calls me, and says, “So I suppose you’ve heard we’re going back hey?”. I replied that I had, and in general chatting, asked her where they’re going to stay.


SIL: “City Y.”  Silence

Me: “You’re kidding right?”

SIL: “No, we’re going to stay in a nice part of City Y, not too close to his family, and they have good schools” etc etc – and she went on and on about how great it would be. I just let her talk.

Me: “Has your hubby found a nice place to rent in that area to get you guys started off?”

SIL: “No not yet, we’re going to have to stay with his mom at first for the first month while hubby works, and I’m job hunting.”


I nearly fell off the couch. Out of everyone in his whole family (and yes they’re all a bunch of working class nutters), I would have picked ANYONE other than his mother for them to stay with. Because, well, because she’s certifiable. I don’t mean mildly depressed either, I mean CERTIFIABLE. MEDICATED. CERTIFIABLE.  This is a woman who regularly beat her kids growing up. I don’t mean spanked, I mean beat. She had 5 kids, apparently (I’m not sure which one it was) for one of the pregnancies she tried to lose the baby by beating her own belly (thankfully she didn’t succeed).  My SIL thinks it’s okay to take her two children and stay with this woman?  When all is said and done – all her children are now grown up, and their relationships have vastly improved and they all say she’s so changed, well sorry, I don’t care how much you say someone’s changed I DON’T put my kids in potential harms way.  Imagine she offers to babysit – are you going to leave your kids with her on the hope that ‘she’s changed’. No way Jose.


For the first time ever I’m feeling *very* sorry for my MIL and FIL on this one, they’re devastated. One would think that with them being in the UK too at the moment that it would make things easier for them to visit, but the grim reality is that they’re terrified for their grandchildren going into that womans’ house however temporary it may be.  We spoke to MIL last night on the Skype and she was nearly in tears over the whole thing.  I think that finally it may have sunk in, that SIL thinks of no-one but herself, doesn’t think about the emotional cheesegrater that she’s putting her parents through and expects everyone else to pay for her mistakes.  We found out last night that for MIL and FIL’s scheduled vacation in Sep Oct Nov, they were planning on going up to the game parks in the north for a week, and taking their eldest grandchild with, and they’d already paid for his flights and everything – and guess what – not even so much as a ‘Sorry’ from SIL for scuppering their plans.  Also – in November is my inlaws 40th wedding anniversary for which they had a big bash planned back here in SA with all the friends and family on this side.  Well – now they’re minus one daughter, a son-in-law and 2 grandkids from the guestlist – again, not so much as a mention of it.


Well, I suppose now MIL will think twice before she sides with SIL against my hubby on anything else because I think finally she realises how she’s been played. At least, for her sake, I hope she does.



Groundhog Day!

So anyone remember my SIL?


They’re emigrating. To the UK. Again. Again.  


I’m not repeating myself there, or being redundant or tautological (sorry Mrs C, you were a great English teacher, but I really did know I was never going to remember this stuff later in life).  


So I said, again, again, because those of you who’ve been around awhile will know a few things about my SIL other than my usual exclamations of a) they’re *so* annoying!  b) their kids are brats! c) they’re so self centred! d) they cost us God knows how much and don’t appear to give a shit, or feel the need to ever pay us back.  They’ve also constantly had this knee jerk reaction to keep wanting to up sticks and leave the country. Now don’t get me wrong – we’re also getting the hell out of here, but we haven’t made the decision only to a) come back after three weeks the first time around b) decide on a different country every six months or so only to back down at the last minute.


This time, at least, SIL’s husband has a good job lined up, because he’s applied for a transfer at work, however they have a) no savings and therefore no deposit to put down either for a rental or a house to purchase. (You can bet your sweet ass they’re not going to get one from us either), and b) their son has just been accepted at a great school here in Cape Town, and now they’re leaving in August (he would have been starting in January – as our school years run Jan-Dec), so if they decide to come back after six months what the hell are they planning on doing?


Also – her parents (and of course my hubby’s parents) are currently in the UK working, but coming back for a  3 month vacation, Sep-Oct-Nov, so NOW they will either a) not come back at all because after all their favourite grandchild will be in England, or b) spend the ENTIRE THREE MONTHS with us instead of just the initial 1.5 months, because now SIL won’t be here to host them the rest of the time. THANKS GUYS!! Yet another decision that only takes yourselves into account, and FUCKS UP EVERYONE ELSE!!


To crown it all, their grandplan in their infantile limited ridiculous minds is to apply for Australia from the UK after 2 years because they seem to think they’ll be saving money by doing all this and earning Pound sterling – clearly they’re not taking small things like LIVING EXPENSES and FLIGHTS into account – and moving out to join us at that time.  Well, if it’s any consolation to me, with their itchy feet, if they *do* actually manage to make a decision to apply for Australia, get in, and actually GET ON A PLANE and go there, with any luck they’ll be gone within 3 weeks – six months. At least I’m banking on their track record because I’d really prefer to have, oh say 10 000km between us! 

Update and a funny

Just to clarify – after my huge post on inspiration and sponsored posts etc when I said that money was tight, it is. The only reason we decided to get the Wii is because hubby got a R25 000 (about US $3300) tax refund and we were contemplating whether it should ALL go towards the Aus fund, or if we could afford a lil’ somethin’ to spoil ourselves with. 


Secondly, after a really rough, sleep deprived night, it occurred to me this morning that I should have had my hubby include the following in his wedding vows to me:


“…and when we have our second child and he keeps you up all night crying, and finally you fall asleep at 5h30am, I will NOT stick my hand up your pjama shirt, thereby waking you up, and ask you, “Can I feel your boobs?”  

So Excited!

Hubby and I went to a new mall near us yesterday. Well I say, “new” but it’s already about 2 years old, but yesterday was the first time we’d actually gone there, parked the car and decided to walk around without anything in mind to look at.


We ended up looking at the Wii. Hubby and I used spend a lot of time when we first lived together on our then brand new PS2. We even used to settle arguments by taking each other on at Tekken Tag Tournament. Then I used to enjoy the games like Tomb Raider – which we’d ‘play’ together – one of us would ‘do the moves’ and the other would help by making suggestions as what to ‘push/pull/climb up/jump over etc. Hubby used to really get into the racing games, but I preferred other stuff like The Sims.  Anyhow – so we were looking at the Wii and seriously considering it. In fact we’d talked about it before, but since they just released Wii-fit here, it was suddenly way more interesting to us.  The store where we looked at it is part of a group of stores where I have a ‘6 months to pay interest free’ card – so we decided on the spot – what the hell – we’re buying it!  Only to discover I’d left my wallet at home with the card it in. Boo.  Since we were both too tired to load the kids in the car go home and then repeat the process, we walked around some more, had a bite to eat, and headed home.


Then we started discussing whether or not we should really buy it, shouldn’t we rather spend that money on something else, put it towards our expenses for Aus etc etc.  I was kinda disappointed, but figured I’d go with hubby on this one, and hold off for now.


This morning while we’re rushing around getting Bubby ready for school, hubby turns to me and says..”I think you should go and get the Wii, an extra controller and the Wii Fit this morning. Let’s just do it. It’s something we can all do together indoors – and let’s face it, Winter is here.”


YAY!! I’m going shopping this morning!!

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